Tribal Artists & Artisans

Great Basin American Indian Artists

Welcome to our Great Basin American Indian Artists page! Nevada’s Indian Territory is in the process of developing a comprehensive Great Basin American Indian Artist Listing. The creative work of Nevada Native American artists and artisans is as diverse as the land itself. Their work exemplifies this unique world, and encompass both traditional and modern directions. We hope you will enjoy these pages!







Visual Arts
Includes experimental, graphics, painting, and sculpture

• Chandler Allen
• Elmer Atlookan
• Cassandra L. Darrough
• Micqaela Jones-Crouch
• Seth Jones
• Jack Malotte
• Melissa Melero
• Mack Nez Johnson
• Monica Thomas
• Ray Valdez


Folk Art /Traditional Arts
Ethnic and traditional dance, folk and traditional music, folk and traditional crafts and visual arts, oral traditions (including traditional storytelling)

Tim Blueflint
• Leah Brady
• Adam Fortunate Eagle
• Holly Enos
• Lois Kane
• Debra Keats
• Adam Tsosie Nordwall
• Bobbie Nordwall
• Everett Pikyavit
• Laura Rainey
• Tobin Rupert
• Delaine Spilsbury
• Paul Voorhees


Media Arts
Includes film, audio, video, and technology/experimental

 Rick Spilsbury


Design Arts
Includes architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial, interior, landscape architecture, and urban/metropolitan

• Adam Fortunate Eagle


Literary Arts
Includes fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, and poetry

• Adam Fortunate Eagle
• Dr. Roberta Whitlock Baeta


Includes musicians and flute makers

• Dr. Roberta Whitlock Baeta
• Tim Blueflint